Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer FUN!! At Grandma's

It was play-day at Grandma's-- and we got out the big water slide!!!

when it's hot outside-- there's no better way to cool off

This water slide has lasted over 10 years, multiple parties and countless races with adults! This is a slide made by the same company because they don't sell ours anymore.

Of course there was a lot of FUN food-  these are our favorite treat, we LOVE them made with rolos- but you can make them up so many different ways = pretzel, chocolate melt, M & M's  like I said a rolo in place of the white chocolate melt is so good with a pecan on top.
Just put the pretzel and whatever you are going to melt on top- put them in the oven @200 for 3 minutes and then place the M & M on top after you take them out!!

then there was Taffy on a skewer-  I had seen them do this at a Baby Shower with Pink taffy, so I found some red, white & blue and thought that they would be fun.  Just poke them on the skewer and tie some curly ribbon in between for a really fun treat!

 and watermelon cut out with a star cookie cutter and put on a wooden stick always is a hit!!  Everything is better on a stick.  And they are so much easier to eat & less messy too.

 we love strawberries- so I just sliced these in an X on top and then stuck the tip of the canned whipping cream inside and filled them with whip cream... add a frozen blueberry and  you're in for a treat!!

 these were so fun to make-- I had bought some MINI cones awhile ago and wanted to use them somehow.. so I scooped ice cream with my mini scoop and filled the cones- then put them back in the freezer for a few hours- then I melted some chocolate and dipped them into the chocolate, put sprinkles on top, wrapped them in tin foil & placed them back in the freezer.   I will post a tutorial tomorrow on how to make them.

 and a couple of years ago in the Family Fun magazine they had the rocket dogs-- I changed them a little bit and added the cupcake liner for the bottom-- because I have a TON of cupcake liners...but they turned out cute & the little boys loved them.  Just put a hotdog on a skewer, wrap dough strips around them ( I used the canned rolls and flattened them out & cut them in 1/2 long ways so I had 2 pieces per roll) then bake them on a cookie sheet as the instructions on the can say.  Cut a piece of cheese for the top and slip a cupcake liner on the bottom-- very easy.  We used to make them look like mummies at Halloween doing the same thing with the dough.

 I rimmed the glasses with pop rocks.. so they had another surprise when they took a sip!!!  I find it is better to use Honey instead of just dipping the rim in water- to make them stick.  They are a little bit harder to get to stick, but you won't have a problem if yo use honey on the top.

Another FUN day with the little people I LOVE the most!!!!!

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