Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt with Bunny Bucks & Chick Change!!

This is what we did last year- 2013 for our Easter Egg Hunt.  Just print out our Bunny Bucks & Chick Change printables and place them in the plastic eggs...for each child I hid 30 eggs with their name on them- that way I made sure everyone had the same amount of money to spend at the general store.  There were other eggs hidden for them to find too, with miscellaneous little threats in them.  After they find all the eggs then they can take their money to the general store and buy what they want.  I had enough of everything so that they all could get one of everything- It was a blast and the boy's LOVED it so much...  this year we are doing it again.  You can get our free prints here  Hope you enjoy them as much as we did... Hoppy Easter!!

Here is a great bundle on amazon that I have used to fill the eggs!

Here is the carrot bubbles that are always a kid favorite