Thursday, October 31, 2013


We had our Family Halloween party- it was a lot of fun!!! This year I kept it pretty simple-

Halloween is all about the candy- at least that's what the little boys think.

But we did have more than candy.... these are pineapple & Mandarin oranges with whipping cream on top...and a few cockroaches on the side-

there were spider egg sacks..... (white cheddar cheese balls)

witch brooms made with string cheese & pretzel sticks.... I made these last year & they were a hit- so I made them again!

of course caramel apples too

I found these cute Halloween cups at walmart- and made green Frankenstein rice krispy treats in them  

It's amazing what a few things put together can look like....  we also had taco soup, rolls & salad

very easy graveyard pudding cups with crushed up oreo's on top, and a candy corn- I looked all over for the ghost peeps- but couldn't find them- they would have been darling!

mini cupcakes- perfect size for the little monsters to eat-

a jar full of little cuties - made to look like Jack-o-lanters

and straws of course .... for the Italian soda's and other drinks- everything tastes better with a cute striped straw!

add a few games: Balloon popping,  Halloween Bingo & Bobbing for apples and you've got a fun party..... I can't believe it's already Halloween.  Time goes by so quickly- take time to enjoy it and make some memories with those you love the most! :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Halloween

October is going as fast as September did.... I've got a few things up for Halloween-- but really need to start planning our Halloween party!!!  Any ideas? What are y'all doing this year for your parties?  I would LOVE some ideas.