Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Halloween

October is going as fast as September did.... I've got a few things up for Halloween-- but really need to start planning our Halloween party!!!  Any ideas? What are y'all doing this year for your parties?  I would LOVE some ideas.  


The Hayes Family said...

What a great centerpiece. Don't think the containers would stay full for very long in my house though. :)

Karen said...

They don't stay full very long here either.....and it's not the little Grand-kids that eat it all, it's my youngest son - the sweet tooth in the family. Luckily he's married & doesn't live at home...but he visits often!! :) I must confess- I had bubblegum and candy corn left over from last year, so I packed them away with the other holiday stuff & put them back in the jars this year- EVERYONE has been told not to eat them!!! So they have lasted great!