Thursday, September 26, 2013

Diaper Cake

I hosted a baby shower last week for a Mom having TWINS a Boy & a Girl!!!  How fun is that going to be?  I am way excited.... I'll be getting 3 Grand-babies in the next few weeks!!  FUN-  I wanted to make a diaper cake for the center piece at the shower & after looking at them on line- I decided the ones I looked at were really complicated.  So here's what I came up with- it was easy and worked up in less that an hour. I bought 2 pkg. of the newborn diapers and didn't use all of them on the cake- I should of counted how many I had left, but I didn't I just tied them up with some bakers twine & put them in with her gift!  So if you buy 2 bags you'll have enough to make this cake & have extra!!

First lay the diaper down like the first photo- then starting from the bottom roll it upward as it shows in the 2nd photo
when you have 3 diapers rolled, bundle them together with an elastic. 

Continue to roll them into bundles of three until you have as many as you want for your bottom layer.  I used a glass cake plate to put them on. Set all the bundles on top of the plate and then with some string wrap all of them together. Tie them secure and then take the elastics off- it will look like this.  I had around 40 rolled diapers on the bottom layer. Once they are tied together, if you need a few more just roll them and stuff them in with the others to fill out the circle. 

Do the same thing for the next layer.. making it a little smaller to stack it on top of the bottom one.

And again for the top layer- I used 6 diapers on top.  Now it's time to put the ribbon on.....

Wrap your ribbon around each layer- I attached it with a couple of straight pins, just poke them right into the diaper.  It worked so much better that gluing or taping them.

Then you're ready to decorate with some cute fun baby "stuff" rattles, ducks, toys, booties, medium size bottles of lotion, shampoo, wash, oil, and powder. I tied all the bottles & the ducks with ribbon and just sat them on the diaper ledge and on top of the cake. The rattles and other things I also tied with ribbon and bakers twine then I attached them the same way I did the ribbon around the cake... with small straight pins.

And that's it... it took less than an hour to make and turned out darling!!! So if you have ever wondered how hard it would be to make one- try it, I promise you will be surprised how fun and easy they are!!