Sunday, March 30, 2014

Twin's Baby Shower

I was going through some pictures on my camera... and found these pictures I had taken of the baby shower we had for my friends twins- I posted a tutorial on how to make the diaper cake, but hadn't posted any of the actual pictures of the here they are

she had one boy and one girl!! so I was very creative and decorated in Blue & Pink LOL

I served Breakfast... and had lots of help with the food from family & friends- have I ever mentioned I hang out with some amazing cooks?

Fresh fruit and dip is always a hit...

I love making these yogurt, granola & fruit parfaits for every occasion- so yummy!

Jamie made a cute tag to tie onto bags of pink & blue gumballs for a hand-out  "Bubble Trouble"  for everyone to take home!

I bagged up a few.... then left bags, tags and a jar of bubblegum for the guests to make their own- 

Along with the muffins,fruit and parfaits we had a yummy Breakfast casserole and sausage roll-ups.....   

It's always a perfect day... when I can spend time with some of my favorite people- and eat wonderful food too!!  And on top of that the Mom to be received so many fun & needful things for two of the cutest little people on the planet!!