Monday, November 5, 2012

Heaven in a cup!!

Have you tried the Steven's Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa Mix? If you haven't- RUN now to the store and get some!  My friend Lisa introduced me to this a week ago & it is soooo YUMMY!

I have a couple of recipes for homemade pumpkin spice drinks, but this is so simple & quick!  Then if you want to step it up a notch...

get you some of these little babies!!  I will be honest, I hadn't tried them before- and the day after Halloween we went shopping for (more candy) - go figure :) but it was 50% off so hey, of course you need it!! LOL anyway my friends told me I had to try these- so I bought a couple of bags.  And you guessed it.... I put a couple into my Pumpkin Spice drink & oh my it was a little bit of heaven.

So wonderful that I decided to put the cocoa mix & the kisses in 2 jars that are very conveniently on my counter... calling my name!!  But I am happy to say that I have limited myself to 1 cup a day!!  So heat you up a cup of water or milk, add the pumpkin spice mix, drop in 1 or 2 pumpkin spice kisses, add a squirt of whipping cream and a sprinkle of nut meg -- sit back and relax!! The only thing that makes it better is to be all cozied up by the fireplace- sipping it with the people you love the most!! I love fall - ENJOY!