Thursday, November 1, 2012

T-Shirt Scarfs

A few weeks ago me and a couple of my friends stopped at the DI to pick up some t-shirts.... let me show you what we made with them!!

first lay your t-shirt out on a cutting board- then with the rotary cutter, cut pieces 1 inch wide.  Please note that we learned the hard way.... the best shirts to get are: large or xtra large- use ones WITHOUT any side seams.

as you can see you will get about 18 pieces per shirt.
Once you have them all cut.... 

take each one and wrap around your thumbs like this...and pull outward, as you pull it tight they will curl up like a rope

you can store them like this on a hanger... and interchange the colors you want to match what you're wearing 

these are the colors we did today, I'm on the look out for a burnt orange & mustard yellow to add for fall. If you look close on the olive green colored one you can see tiny knots... this is what I decided to do with the one shirt that I bought with side seams- the seams don't curl, so I cut the piece where the seam was and then tied it back together with a small double knot.  I like the look of a few of them mixed in. So get a trip to the DI planned soon or better yet, raid your closet & use those old t-shirts to make some cute scarfs.  Then when your husband asks you if you have seen his favorite old shirt you can say-- I'm wearing it doesn't it look great!! LOL