Monday, December 10, 2012

Game Time

It's that crazy busy time of the year.... it seems like it takes me a good chunk of the month to get things ready for our family Christmas Eve Party.  Maybe I need to start assigning some things out to the rest of the family, and spread the LOVE around. Haha    I wanted to play this game this year, I had read about how they had wrapped different things up in tape to form a ball- but I thought that might be a little tricky or sticky, so I decided to try using plastic wrap instead.  We'll see how it works!   First I bought all kinds of things..... 

Socks, gum, tissues, nail polish, shaving cream, clippers, popcorn, gluesticks. bandaids, slinky. whoopie cushion, chapstick, binki's ect. there are a few GIRL toys in there... we have NO girls yet, so the little boys will think thats fun! Here is a great bundle that I found on amazon that would work PERFECT for this game!

then just take something, this is a small bottle of lotion- and start wrapping the plastic around it

as I wrapped, I twisted the roll of plastic to help tighten around the object better & get it to form a ball shape better

the plastic broke a few times so I cut it, and put a piece of tape around it in a few places... then started wrapping the plastic wrap around it again.

it gets pretty big, this isn't quite finished, I have 20-25 more things to wrap up... but hopfully you get the idea.  Then On Christmas Eve- we will sit in a circle on the floor and take turns rolling dice trying to get doubles. The person that rolls doubles gets to start unwrapping the ball, and they keep anything they unwrap-- the person next to them starts rolling the dice until they get doubles- then they take the ball and start unwrapping... I think it will be a fun game we can play with the adults and kids together!!  I wish I had played it once to let you know exactly how it works... but you'll just have to check back after Christmas and see.  Here's a tip... get wrapping early!!  ~Karen

Here is a great bundle from amazon that would be perfect for this game!!! 


Anonymous said...

We did this on Christmas day after presents and birthday party and dinner. We had 2 balls, one for the kids and one for the adults. It was so funny, we will definitely be doing this every Christmas!