Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where to put all those stuffed animals??

My two little boys have so many stuffed animals. I can't seem to find something to put them in that doesn't take a lot of space. Here's what I did.
 We had a couple of beanbags downstairs in the basement that I wanted to use.
 First, I emptied one of the beanbags. I took the foam balls out  of the one beanbag and put them in the other beanbag I wasn't going to use. So one beanbag has stuffed animals and the other has foam balls still in it.
Next I placed all the stuffed animals in the empty beanbag. Zip it up and your done. Now when my kids want to read, they grab a book and sit on there beanbags. I don't have to worry about stuffed animals all over the place or trying to find a spot to put them!!