Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine Chocolate Dipping

Today I have some easy, quick, yummy treats for you to make for Valentines Day.  Actually you can change these up- using different colors and they will be perfect for a lot of different holidays! 
The first ones are chocolate dipped sugar wafer cookies. Keebler has a new cookie out, I bought some last week and decided to try making some.... the keebler ones are yellow sugar wafer cookies dipped in milk chocolate- and yes the little boys & I decided they are one of our favorites!!!    To make them, just take your sugar wafer cookie- (you can buy them at most grocery stores) and dip them into chocolate, I used pink cookies for Valentines Day- so I only dipped 1/2 of them and let the pink show too.  Then put some sprinkles on top! 

                                              The next ones are chocolate dipped fortune cookies. I bought my cookies at the dollar store.  Dip 1/2 of the cookie into white chocolate, add sprinkles & drizzle with pink candy melts.  Easy, and the little boys had fun making them.  

Let them dry, and put them on a platter and....... you have a perfect Valentine's Day Treat!!!