Monday, March 25, 2013

Anti-Wrinkle Cream that Wont Break the Bank

I am a Master Esthetician and I love the whole beauty world. I have tried a ton of top skincare lines and makeup lines and they worked great. But I have been on a mission to find great products that work great and are over-the-counter. I have been trying everything from makeup to anti-aging creams. I was at Walmart about 3 months ago and was getting my husband some travel size things for work.

I came across this little bottle of anti-aging cream. I figured I would try it cause it was under $2.00. I have to tell, you I love it!!!! Don't wanna leave the house?? You can click the amazon link below and have it delivered right to your front door!!

I have been using it ever since. I didn't take a before picture, but I can tell a huge difference. I am only 27 but you should start early on a skincare regimen. I was starting to get wrinkle by my eyes (from all the tanning in high school). Now they are smooth and you can't tell I had any.

I apply it all over my face right before I apply my makeup. Let it dry then you may apply foundation. By doing this it will help your foundation stay on longer. I have found the best over-the-counter foundation I will tell you about later.

I also apply this right before bed. You can apply it two times per day (like me) or just once. Make sure your consistent. Just like any skincare products you have to keep using them to be able to tell a difference. I recommend trying this product. You will fall in love with it!!!

Make sure you keep checking back for more beauty tips!!