Saturday, July 13, 2013

Under the Sea play day at Grandma Karens

It was our "under the Sea" play day this last week... here are a few pictures from the FUN day. 

everyone had already ate lunch- so we just had a few snacks and treats

and of course- it wouldn't be an under the sea party without fish!! 

I love that I can tell Jamie what I want for tags & banners and she makes them.... they were perfect!

Jell-o boats are always a hit!!

I thought these could pass for beach umbrellas.....

marshmallow pops.....

 oyster cookies- I used yogurt covered raisins for the pearls

pudding cups made up to look like the beach....

Not too bad for a play day at Grandma's. I keep trying to talk the little boys into GOING somewhere for our play day's.... like the zoo or the movie or the park, but they always just want to have a party!! And I'm ok with that... I love that they like to just get together and play- I know that's not going to last for ever!!  


Kristal said...

Adorable!!! What an amazing play date at grandmas!

Felicia Archie said...

I want to come play!! Hw did you do the marshmellows? I see goldfish crackers but I can't tell what the blue is.

Jamie Hamblin said...

THe blue is white chocolate colored with blue food coloring! Or they sell blue chocolate at kraft stores