Monday, August 19, 2013

AHOY MATEY'S - Pirate Party

We had our Pirate Party/sleep over this last week... I had been crazy busy with 2 weddings- so it was simple, but everyone had a lot of fun. Adam helped me make this sign to welcome the little scoundrels.  I had them each take a pirate flag as they came into the back yard.  

We had pizza for dinner, so I just had a table set up with some treats and snacks to munch on through-out the night

Cookies, drinks, chocolate coins in the treasure box.... the center piece was made of small paper treasure boxes filled with "Treasure" of course.  They each got to take 2 boxes....

I had extra nacho containers from our movie night, so I stapled them in the middle to look like a boat- filled them with crackers, pretzels, & popcorn. Then glued a flag onto a stripe straw for a pirate boat.

There were treasure maps to color 

they loved the treasure hunt... I had clues attached to sm. pirate flags for them to find. They were simple clues like "go give the scruffy mutt a bone."-- which lead them to the dog kennel and another flag with a clue.....

the last clue lead them to the sand box where they had to dip up the treasure.... it was everything they needed to dress up as.......

PIRATES... of course.  Aren't they the cutest little scallywags you've ever seen??

we played pin the eye patch on the parrot & walked the plank- then told pirate stories around the bon fire while they roasted marshmallows... then it was time for bed!!!

It turned out to be a very fun party... they just like to be together!  This was our last summer play day- I'm not sure how I feel about that!!  But I think there will be many more parties to come. :)