Monday, August 26, 2013

Missionary Sugar cookies

Oh I have a fun one to post today!!! A couple of weeks ago I was asked to help one of my favorite people make cookies for her Grandsons Mission Farewell.  I love when I get to hang out with this fun group of friends.  RuthAnn, Jean, LuAnn, Shirley & Dave.  Five of us out of the group have been doing things together for 20 years now.  They are all Teachers I met when my children were going to Elementary school-and oh how I love them!!  So when RuthAnn asked us to help with the cookies I was so excited, I had never made Missionaries before, but Dave had helped make some for a couple of his Nephews----so he was the expert.  They are made out of a gingerbread man cookie cutter- how cleaver is that?  I thought they turned out so darling......

we used the glaze frosting recipe I have used for a few years, it's easy- you pipe around the outside edges and then flood the center with the frosting, and it works great. I'll post the recipe soon

they have to set for a while to harden, and you can freeze them once they are set- it was such a fun day- all of us helped in some way......some of us had more stressful parts than others lol- and I totally passed on the ties- Dave had that one under control :)  There were a couple of moments I wondered if they were really going to be presentation worthy for a farewell- so I decided to share the "before" we cleaned them up picture for you all to see- and here it is......

See what I mean?  The oozing, dripping, running frosting had me a bit nervous... I thought oh no they are a disaster-- so you can see from the picture that they really do clean up very nice!!!  All you need is a tooth pick to scrape around the edge- so scroll up one picture and see how they transform from mess- to perfection!!  Come back Wednesday and see the LOVELY snack we had after the cookie making was all done-- you are in for a TREAT!!