Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentines Suckers

HELLO!!!  I know it has been farrrrrr too long since I have posted!!  My how life can keep us busy!  I really wanted to post some things, but there just hasn't been time.  I had 2 of my Grandsons for almost a week- 24/7 so- need I say more?  I had forgotten how much time it takes to be the Mom & the Dad and the Grandma!!  So to all of you Moms and Dads out there... I think you are GREAT!!! Enjoy those little ones while they are little, far too soon they grow up!  And oh how you will miss those good ol' days!  Anyway while I had the boys, we had a few play days--  we made valentine suckers for their teachers one day.. they are made out of candy canes. I'm sure you have seen these around, they aren't new, we've made them a few years now- but they are so fun to do. 
First unwrap the candy canes.  We used the mini ones- then set them up on some parchment paper to form a heat, like this. I did some without the sticks.

Then melt some candy melts- I use a disposable frosting bag to heat it in - in the microwave.  Squeeze the melted chocolate into  the hearts to hold them together, and sprinkle with some sprinkles.

Here the boys are putting their sprinkles on, if you want to make them into suckers insert the sticks before filling them with the melted chocolate. Let them set and cool- they will harden in just a few minutes.

now you can bag them up .......

and tie them with some twine or ribbon and you have the cutest little heart treats you have ever seen.  I like to put a couple of them on a plate of Valentine cookies to give away to friends & neighbors.  They are a fun, simple, quick treat to make. The kids will LOVE helping!!