Friday, January 11, 2013

More Valentines Day Stuff

Well, I still can't figure my posting problem out, but I have figured out how to get it to work one picture at a takes so long!!!  But anyway on to the FUN stuff!  It's getting time to start thinking about those Valentines Day Parties!!  Here are some more pictures of our Valentines Day's Past!! 

nothing says Happy Valentines Day like yummy sugar cookies!!
then to balance the SUGAR rush of the cookies I made healthy smoothies with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots- add some pretty red strawberries- and the kids think it's a treat!
You can allways do something Valentines with jell-o
And of course.... dipped strawberries!!!
we made these cute Valentines a couple of years ago... trace their hand on white paper, cut it out & let them glue the two fingers down with a paper heart & it says "I love you " in sign language.  This one was one of my favorite crafts for the kids!!   ~Karen