Thursday, March 29, 2012

Door organizers

I have seen these over the door organizers all over the web-- and I love them, so here are a few ways I have decided they would help me. This one is on the inside of one of my pantry doors, it has all the little things you need straws, tooth picks, food picks, skewers in all sizes, sucker sticks, napkins, plastic table cloths, birthday candles, plastic utensils, plastic cups, crockpot liners you get the picture. It has been so nice to be able to see them at a glance.

This one holds all of our winter stuff- gloves, scarfs, headbands, ear muffs, hand warmers, hats, flashlights (I know that’s not a winter thing- but it's handy lol) and a few other things I can’t remember-- but each pocket has a label so you can find what you’re looking for-- and the main idea for the label was that I hoped they would get put back where they belong.. but sometimes that doesn't happen so well. haha

This one is on my linen closet door- I have all my linen napkins,small table cloths, corn bags, lint rollers,small hand sanitizers, lip glosses, chap stick, baby things (actually Grandbaby things) like clippers, brushes, meds. bath soap, lotions, sm. packs of wipes pretty much anything I needed a place for. The possibilities for these organizers are amazing.. they are a great way to keep everything where you can see them & they really do use space that otherwise is wasted space. Can't say enough how much I love these-- I would love to know if you have found any other uses for them!! My problem is I am running out of doors!!