Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wheat grass

I LOVE to plant wheat grass every year, it's kinda like my spring fever coming out-- it brings a little bit of spring time inside. This year I decided to try some in clear taller containers & I really liked how they turned out.. look you can see all the layers. Want to plant some too? It's easy.. 1st take some wheat, I have only ever used red wheat- but I'm sure any kind would work. So take 1 cup of wheat & pour it in a bowl, cover it with water & soak it over night (sorry I didn't take a picture of this first step) Note: 1 c. of wheat will fill 4-6 containers depending on how big they are, so it goes a long way......

in the morning pour your wheat into a colander and rinse a couple of times with water-- I usually leave it in the colander in the sink for most of the day & rinse it 4-5 times throughout the day keeping it moist.

If your container is deep then you will want to fill it with some gravel or rocks. This is what I love about the clear containers- you can see everything. This picture is of a tin container I used to plant some it.

if your container shallow then you don't need any rocks on the bottom- next put a layer of dirt or potting soil into your container, it only needs to be about 1 inch deep.

Next take your wheat and sprinkle it on top of the soil, do not push it into the soil-- just lay it on top, make sure that you cover the soil completely- try not to leave any holes where the soil shows through. You can see in this picture it covers almost all the soil, be careful not to spread the wheat too thick just a single layer...

Then take some potting soil & sprinkle it lightly on top, you don't need to cover it completely. Next take a spray bottle filled with water & spray it well. Don't let the water puddle. I always wrap plastic on them for a couple of days to help get it started. Place containers in a spot that gets a lot of direct sun light, remove the plastic each day & water with the spray bottle. It takes about 3 days for it to sprout up at this point remove plastic and leave it off.

By day 5 you should have nice green wheat grass a few inches tall.