Thursday, March 29, 2012

St Patrick's Day 2012

.. one of my 5 yr. old Grandsons told me I needed to have a rainbow with clouds for decoration.. so this was the best I could come up with--- I was a little worried about the clouds-- but he loved it so I guess that is all that matters. ;) They aren't too hard to please when they are 5 I think we all could learn a lesson there!!

Our little St Patrick's Day celebration: I used tags from they were perfect-- and of course..there were JARS full of treats!

Cute covered water bottles--- I just flavor the water with crystal light in a color that matches the occasion... the little boys haven't figured out it's water yet.. they still think it's soda ha

this year our pots of gold were full of jell-o coated popcorn. I bought planting pots from the dollar store & painted them black, attached a glitter shamrock & a flag on a toothpick!

...a pot of gold coins and dipped marshmallows with yellow sprinkles. Oh how the little boys love to SPRINKLE.... however Grandma is picking them up off the floor for days. This year I caught them licking them up off the floor-- haha hope the floor was clean..

these are some buckets full of rolo's (Gold) that I made for our party last year. I know I found the idea somewhere-- and I don't remember where so if anyone knows please let me know I want credit to be given where credit is due. But I do know the tags are the same ones I used from

you can see we had rainbow pancakes for dinner.. we also had other breakfast foods too... but just to show you what presentation can do let me share a little story. Our 3 yr. old Grandson came that day & didn't want to eat pancakes-- he said " I don't like pancakes" his Mom said but look Boston they are rainbow pancakes-- he replyed "Oh I LOVE rainbow pancakes they are my favorite" haha one day he'll know the truth.... they taste the same!! So maybe presentation is everything. :)

Mint cookies-- I do have the recipe typed up for these and where I found them, so I will post that too. But I did subsitute just regular mint extract for the peppermint extract it called for in the recipe.. then they are a wonderful light mint taste!