Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chocolate Covered Popcorn

I LOVE chocolate covered popcorn--- this is a fast, easy and delightful way to make it.  We do this for weddings all the time & everyone wants to know how to do it-- my family loves it, so I try to only make it when we are having a party (which seems like every week)  because then I know I won't eat it all!!
You only need 2 ingredients- and some colored chocolate to drizzle with- First pop 3 bags of butter flavor microwave popcorn, then melt one package of almond bark according to the package directions.
You can pop your own popcorn in the air popper- or in a brown paper sack in the microwave like I've posted before.  But it tastes so much better with butter and all those x-tra calories!!

then sort all the un-popped kernals out and pour the popcorn in a bowl- add the melted almond bark on top and stir well, making sure that you coat it really good.- Pour the mixture onto your kitchen counter and spread out in a thin layer.  You can add sprinkles or small pieces of candy if you want and then drizzle it with colored chocolate.  I used purple & blue because this is the kind I made for our Father's Day Dinner. 

let it cool and then break into smaller pieces, put it in a bowl and watch it dissapear!  It is so yummy good, I promise you can't eat just a handful!.     ENJOY!!!!