Friday, June 15, 2012

Water Sponge Balls

I made these water sponge balls for our play day yesterday- and said I would post how to do them, so here we go:
You will need some sponges, the ones I had were a couple of different lengths.  I think the longer ones work better, but they turned out okay with both sizes- so take your sponge and cut it in half like this

 then cut each half into thirds and you will have six pieces of sponge- it's more fun if you use different colors. I used 9-10 pieces of sponge strips per ball

after you have all your sponges cut, grab a handful together and squeeze them tight in the middle --

take a pice of dental floss and wrap it around them as tight as you can and tie it in a knot- clip the excess floss

 fluff them up by twisting them around...I made a couple of them with less sponges for the little guys to be able to hold onto better.  You can make them as big as you want.  Then soak them in water and throw them--- you'll have a water fight on your hands.