Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School Playday!!

We had our Back To School Party yesterday.... oh what fun it was.
Some of the tags I used are from
and some are clip art I bought at the store... they have all kinds of things out there all ready printed for you.

We had lunch

and treat boxes- I took take-out boxes and added some embellishments, wrote their names on them & stuffed them with treats and school supplies. Tag from

cheese & crackers snacks--

more treats... fruit snacks.  We don't get these alot, so they are really a treat!! 

Apple sandwiches... just spread peanut butter in between 2 apple slices

Always a FAVORITE!!!

and of course... milk jugs of MILK with striped straws & topped with chocolate striped cookies.

I hadn't had alphabet soup forever...... the  boys had fun finding letters

Enjoying the FOOD & FUN!!!!

This little guy was so excited to show us where he put his worm..... hahaha he liked the  pin the worm on the apple game!!

And lots of "kisses" to take home..... made with the printables from  Fun day with those little boys.... I can't believe summer is almost over.