Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Best Sugar Scrub

I went to a Favorites party last night with some of my FAVORITE people, and I am wishing I had taken pictures to share with you of all their favorite things!! Next time I will.  I took some of this Gardners Hand Scrub that I found at 

 it's so simple, 2 ingredients but oh my I LOVE it.
All you need is sugar and Dawn dishsoap- the new hand renewal ones that have olay in them.  There are 3 or 4 different ones.  Just fill a jar with sugar I filled them 2/3 full and then squeeze in some dawn- stir & add a little bit more sugar until it looks good... not too runny. That's it

I poured it into some FAVORITE jars I had made, tied a spoon & cute bow on it and it was done!  I attached a recipe card onto the bottle of Dawn Soap too so they can make more.   If you would like a copie of the recipe leave me a comment & your email and I will send it your way!  Just rub a little bit of the scrub onto dry hands & feet- scrub it into your skin & wash it off--- your hands will be so clean you'll LOVE it too!  Thanks Jillee!! :)


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