Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cupcake Bathbombs

I have wanted to try to make these darling Cupcake Bathbombs for MONTHS!! I had seen them all over in little shops & in spa's...then I saw a tutorial over at and thought I can do that!--  So me and one of my FAVORITE friends (Lisa) got together and between all the laughing, talking, rootbeer floating, and more chatting--- we managed to make the cutest little things you've ever seen.
To make the bottom of the cupcake you will need:
2 C. baking soda
1 C. citric acid
1T. olive oil
5 drops essential oil
3-5 drops coloring
1T. Sodium lauryl sulfate (to make them fizz)
Witch hazel- poured into a spray bottle
Cupcake liners
We bought the sulfate & colorants here

I need to tell you - we were so busy having fun that we didn't take very many pictures of each step (sorry)
First combine all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.   Mix it well.
Then add together the essential oil, olive oil & coloring and add to the dry ingredients.
Next spray a little bit of the witch hazel into the bowl and mix with your hands, continue with the spritzing of witch hazel & mixing until it feels like wet sand.

then we didn't use silicone cupcakeliners like the tutorial said- we just put cupcake liners into our regular cupcake pans, and it worked perfect!  Press the mixture into each liner.  We got 12 regular size cupcakes out of a batch.  Let them dry 15 minutes.

We also decided to make mini cupcakes, for kids.  After you  press them into the liners- make a hole in the middle and fill with confetti-- for a fun surprise!   

Then frost them..... To make the frosting you will need to mix in a GLASS bowl:
3 T. meringue powder (wilton brand) And 5 T warm water together
add 1/4 tsp. cream of tarter
1 Lb. powdered sugar
a few drops coloring
Blend together for about 7 minutes on high until stiff peaks form.
(Yes it's just like REAL frosting)
It won't hurt you, it's just like using a sugar scrub.

Frost the regular size cupcakes the same way!  We added sprinkles too!

Oh they look yummy enough to eat -- don't they?

Package them up in clear bags, add some ribbon and you've got a DARLING gift!!  Or keep them for yourself. :)   The only thing missing is a cute tag--- we ran out of daylight!  Such a FUN day-- with one of my DEAREST friends... Thanks Lisa!! Lets play again soon. :)
Added Note:  To use them, just remove the cupcake liner & toss the rest into your bath water.... and ENJOY!!!!