Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jar Labels for Mothers without Borders

Today I am so excited to share with you something that is near & dear to my heart.  I have been asked to make a jar label for one of my FAVORITE organizations- Mothers Without Borders.  The idea behind this label is to get a jar in all of our homes so that we can be a part of a great "change" and help make the future  brighter for some wonderful people.  By putting our spare change into these jars, we can become a part of "Change for A Child".  Their lives will be blessed & I know ours will be too.  Let me tell you a little bit about this organization:

 Mothers Without Borders is committed to easing the suffering of orphans and vulnerable women in Zambia who have become the victims of the AIDS pandemic. Your thoughtful contributions help feed, cloth, and educate the 27 orphans in our full time care. We can't do everything but we can do something and we enthusiastically believe that everyone deserves a chance to help these kids. Every thing you do matters! Follow us on facebook or visit us at

Here is a label you can download and wrap around a jar.... fill it with all your spare change, and together we can make a "Change For A Child." 
When the jars are full you can use the contact information on the back of the label to get your donation back to Mothers Without Borders.  If you have any questions please call or email BJ she will LOVE to hear from you.  Now lets get printing off those labels & filling those jars!!    These labels were made with the kit my special day by gg digital designs. Go Check them out!