Friday, August 3, 2012

Treasure Hunt Game

I am cleaning out closets today!! Didn't I just do that?  Seems like a never ending task at this house.  I had a friend ask me what some fun things were she coulld do with her Granddaughter she's going to visit... and in the top of the closet I was cleaning out was THIS!!!  So let me tell you about a FUN game the little boys love to play. 

We call it the Treasure Hunt Game.   Get a large plastic container and fill it with all kinds of lentils.   I used what I had on hand,  actually it was in my food storage stash.  I used rice, green peas, black beans, corn, pinto beans- (all dried of course)  mix them all up in the container and add....

all kinds of things to dig for.... start looking around the house for FUN "stuff" to put in the mixture.  Erasers, large paper clips, buttons, sm. plastic animals, sm. toys, a glow in the dark star, ring, binder clips, thimbel, bobbin, seashells ect. When I say ANYTHING you can find I mean it.  I had some magnets with family pictures on them.. they went in their too! Magnet  letters, numbers are great.  Then I have a drawstring bag that they put their treasures in as they find them.   It's a GREAT idea to pour everything into a VERY LARGE bowl when they start digging--- you'll have less on the floor!