Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cleaning Grapes

Sorry in advance about the bad pics... I wanted to see how my camera phone was.
Any who we love grapes at our house and eat them often as snacks. If you are like me I hate the waxy film that grapes can have on them from farmers spraying them to keep bugs off, your day just got better because I'm going to teach you how to clean them!

Here are the grapes right from the store....

You are going to need salt...

and baking soda!

First you are going to want to pick all of the grapes and place them in a big bowl... (This is something the kids can do!!!) Then after all of the grapes are in the bowl run them under the water for like 2 seconds! You are just getting them a little wet so the salt and baking soda will stick. Then sprinkle a bit of salt and baking soda over them. Then you are going to swirl them in the bowl and mix them gently with your hands! maybe you'll need to add more salt and baking soda just eyeball it... trust me you will get the feel of this and know! After you think they are clean, swirl them one more time. Then put them in a colander and rinse baby rinse. There is nothing you want more than a salty grape. Rinse, rinse and rinse again!

We keep our grapes in a ziplock bag on the bottom shelf in the fridge for easy snacking! Look how clean they are!