Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cleaning Sponges

Good Morning!!!! Well actually it is already noon--- that's what happens when you get up and start cleaning right?   How time flies when your having fun!  I like to clean with sponges, and always keep one in the sink. But I have this thing about keeping the germs out of them, so here is todays Tuesday Tip:  Clean sponges every couple of days by putting them in your dishwasher.  I put them on the top rack and it works easy.  I also like to soak them overnight in a bowl filled with one part white vinegar & two parts water. Rinse them with hot water before using, this keeps them smelling good too!!!  So get out there and start cleaning away!!! Yes I do love it when I have a day that actually has cleaning on the agenda!! 


jack said...

I put them on the top rack and it works easy. I also like to soak them overnight

cleaning sponges