Saturday, May 26, 2012

Graduation Bottles

Well my two oldest Grandsons graduated this year!!!!  From PRESCHOOL!! Whew... I almost felt really OLD. haha   I didn't know what to get them, so I decided to use the idea of taking an empty water bottle- cutting it open down the back- and filling it with all kinds of FUN things: suckers, gum, whistles, candy bars, balls, swimming goggles, stickers, stamps ect..... anything you can squeeze into it.  Then tape the slit closed with strapping tape. I decided to put a water bottle label on it, added a ribbon and punched out 2 tags to tie onto them.... they turned out darling and the little boys were thrilled.  Half of the fun was watching them try to figure out how to get everything out of the top!!  This is such a cute idea for sooooo many occasions. 

The printables I used were part of a party package at  The next graduation gift these little guys get from me might have to be a little bit bigger... but I have until 2025 to figure that one out!!!