Monday, May 14, 2012

Herb Enfuzed Water

We planted the garden Saturday... it was an all day 10 hour job!  I am going to post a tutorial on the plant cages we make-- but I need to get one more picture showing you how to hook the fencing together first, so that will have to wait for one more day.  But while we were planting, it was getting hot & so I went to go get a pitcher of ice cold water for us to drink.. and I decided to try the packages of herbs Lisa & I put together & froze for our dill, spearmint & basil lemonade-- (I know it doesn't sound like it would be good, but oh my it is the best.)   I just added it to the water and it was so refreshing and yummy good.  Adam came by while we were working & drinking, and he even liked it!!!   So this all you need.....

  fresh dill weed, fresh spearmint, and fresh basil.  We made little piles of these three things & then used my food saver & sealed them, then put them in the freezer last summer.  It is really good in lemonade- use any recipe you like-- let it steep in the sun for a few hours, add ice and you have a WONDERFUL drink.
But Saturday I just grabbed a package out of the freezer & put it in a pitcher of ice water-- it was so good and tasted great on a hot day! The herbs enfuze a wonderful flavor into the water, and look at how LOVELY!!  It looks like fresh picked- you would never know it was frozen.   I put it in the refrigerator last night & we had it again today for our dinner-- it still tasted great, the longer it sits the stronger the flavor!  Adam added Mountain Dew to it & said it was good... kind of defeats the purpose of  the whole idea, but hey.... it worked for him. LOL