Friday, May 4, 2012

How to peel a Mango

Oh how I LOVE mangos.. but unless you know how to peel them they are more trouble than they are worth.  So let me show you how to do it.. First stand the mango like this, with the part where the stem was facing you.  Using a large knife slice the side straight down.. you want to get as close to the pit as you can. The pit or seed is hard & flat. Then make another slice the same way on the other side of the mango  

                        You will have two slices like this... take the middle part which has the seed in it and

 peel around the outside of it.  The pit is very large, but there is some really good flesh on this part still, so don't just discard it

                                       with a sharp knife slice pieces of the flesh around the pit...

 Then take one of the half pieces and with a sharp knife make cuts, through the flesh of the mango- but do not pierce the skin on the bottom. Get as close to the skin as you can, be carefull not to cut through the skin & slice your hand...  believe me it hurts!! ha

 once you have made the cuts one way, turn the fruit & do the same thing making the cuts at a diagonal  It should look like this.........

Okay now for the tricky part.. take the skin and flip it from the bottom- like you are turning it inside out

                                 until it looks like this... all the little pieces pop out like a porcupine....

                                    using a knife slice the pieces off leaving the skin in one piece

there wasn't that easy!!! And this is what you'll have... Yummy little pieces of mango- ready to be eaten!


Tracy Young said...

Where was this when I mashed a mango to a pulp two days ago - again Karen you are my hero!!!!

Karen said...

LOL Tracy... you will have to try it, it really is so great & you get so much more fruit. You'll have to let me know how it works for you!!!!

Kashif Mughal said...
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