Friday, October 26, 2012

Dipped Pretzel Rods

I've been dipping pretzel rods for our Halloween party this week.  So I thought I would show you how to do them.  I love to work with Peters Caramel-- it comes in a big block, and is so soft & yummy.  So first I cut a piece off and put it in the microvave for about 8 seconds. Then I roll it out flat

once it is rolled out, take a pizza cutter and cut thin slices of caramel

starting at the top of the pretzel -wrap the strip of caramel around, you don't need a very long piece.  I like to do it this way instead of melting the caramel because you end up with a thicker amount of caramel on the pretzel

next melt some chocolate-- I like to use a tall cup- dip the pretzel into the chocolate & coat it well

add some cute sprinkles, and lay it on some parchment paper to dry

you can do all kinds of  different things- I like to use both white & milk chocolate .... and it's always fun to drizzle some colored chocolate on them too.  Trust me they taste delish!!