Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Party 2012

We had our Family Halloween Party yesterday..... here are a few pictures from it.

there's never a shortage of Treats!!! 

these are made with a small pretzel stick & string cheese.

my favorite little monsters

these are my favorite.. I had Jamie make me up a cute topper for them, if you want it- leave a comment on this post & I will have Jamie email them

More Caramel apples!!!  Oh YUM!

It was a lot of FUN!! Love spending time with my favorite people!!


Danielle said...

AMAZING!! Love it all! You need to brand yourself Karen! I told Jamie she needs to let me tag along to just one party! ;)

Karen said...

Danielle- I'll make you a deal- You are welcome to come to any party we have, if you come the next day too & help clean-up!! LOL It doesn't matter how much everyone helps clean-up before they go, the next morning.... it still takes me a few hrs. to get the house put back together. It might have something to do with AGE!!