Monday, October 29, 2012

Witches Brooms

I have had a couple of people ask how I made these fun Witches Brooms--  I took pictures when I made them thinking I would post the how to's, but lastnight after the party... I was too tired to do it!!! Lol

 so here's how to make these cute- healthy- snacks.....

First take a string cheese, unwrap it and cut it into 3 pieces like this.  Then take a small pretzel stick & press it into one of the ends.  ( It makes it a lot easier to do this part if your cheese is room temp.)

After you have inserted the pretzel stick.. take a knife and make slices into the other end of the cheese

then to make it fan out more like a broom, I turned it the other way and made a slice down the middle like this.

and that's it!!! Stand them up and you have your brooms ready to go......