Thursday, July 5, 2012

Apricot Nectar

I'm not a big fan of Apricots, but I do like to make Apricot Nectar.  It's really good mixed with sprite, or I prefer to just mix it with other juices- like orange or apple juice.  In fact we had some this morning with apple juice & oh my... I had forgot how yummy it is.  I hadn't made it for a while, since the boys were young and all I could remember was that I used to add a can of pineapple to it.  So I decided since Jamie had given me some Apricots- I would give it a go.  It's easy here's all you need.
29 heaping cups of fruit- that has been washed, pitted, and cut in half.  I leave the peeling on, just cut out any bad spots.

Open one lrg. can of pineapple and blend it until it is liquid-
then pour it into a large pot on the stove.
Next take your Apricots and blend them up really well too......

stir the apricots with the pineapple and add 3 cups of sugar to the mixture- it will be a little thick
Bring everything to a boil.   I boiled it for a minute at a low rolling boil to make sure all the sugar gets dissolved.

pour in into your washed jars and put your boiled lids & rings on them... process them for 20 minutes-- and thats it!  You will get 5 quarts per batch.  It is so good added to sprite or juices for a quick yummy drink.
* Note:  I have canned for a long time & after reading this post- I realize that if you don't can very much - I haven't given very detailed instructions. I'm sorry, so I thought I would add a couple of things-  after filling your jars always wipe the top of the jar (the part where the lid goes) so that they are clean or the lids wont seal.  Fill a sm. pan with a little bit of water, place the canning lids into the water and boil them for a minute or so before putting them on the jars & tightening them with the rings. This will help to get a good seal on the jar.  Also a note- I did another batch this morning & didn't measure the Apricots I just filled a large tupperware bowl brimming full.  I ended up getting 6 1/2 quarts, it tastes sweet enough still and so you can add a few more apricots if you have them & it will still be fine.  I hope that helps.