Thursday, July 12, 2012

Get Organized!!

A few months ago I did some organizing around the house-- a few simple things that have made a huge difference, here's what I did..... 

The first one is inside the cabinet next to my oven.  I have a drawer FULL of hot pads.... too many in one drawer, so I put a 3M hook on the inside of the cabinet door and hung a couple of them there.  I love this and use them a lot- they are very easy to grab. 

The next one is probably my FAVORITE!!! I have serveral sets of measuring spoons--  I am always trying to sort through them to find the one I need.  This is brillant... again I used very small 3M hooks- I think they were for keys.  They are perfect to hold a single measuring spoon on each one, you can tell at a glance which spoon you  need.  

 This one is a close second to my FAVORITE!!!   Are you always trying to fish out the tweezers in your make-up bag?  Well here is the answer.. hot glue a strong magnet onto the inside of your medicine cabinet & wah-lah you have tweezers right where you can find them every time!  Love this one!!   The Razor is held by a pencil holder-- they work great for tooth brushes too! 

And the last one is a very bright idea!!   I actually bought this flashlight and it had the magnets already on the back-- And it cost me a lot of money too!  Well, the store was closing so everything was at least 50% off-- but you can make your own out of any flashlight, for hardly anything.  Just glue a heavy duty magnet onto the back of any flash light & put it on your breaker box-- in case of an emergency you will always have a flashlight handy.
Well, there are a few ideas for you to be thinking about this week--- it's amazing how small changes can make the biggest difference!!  Makes life a bit easier!!   Good-Luck. :)