Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to clean a Front Loading HE Washer

Does your front loading washer ever start to smell musty or like mildew?  After I had mine for a few months I noticed this horrible smell in mine, and so I started searching to find where it was coming from.  This is what I found & what I do to prevent it from happening......

How to clean your Front Loading Washer....

first separate the rubber flap in the front like this-- yuck, see that gross gunk in the bottom of it?  It never dries out, so after awhile it starts to get moldy and smells really bad.

take a paper towel and wipe down inside of it-- do it a couple of times to get all the water out

and this is what you end up with--- after I have wiped it out really good, then I take a paper towel and spray it with pine-sol or another disinfectant and wipe it out again-- No more mildew! I try to do this after each load, but I hadn't done it for a couple of times, and it was pretty bad.  There's your tip for Tuesday-- it doesn't make laundry any more fun, but it does make breathing a little better! :)


Susan said...

If you leave the door open or cracked when not in use it dries up and no mess