Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bite Size S'mores

We have had the sick bug going around our whole family the last few days, so last night the two oldest Grandsons ( the only well ones in their family) spent the night at Grandma's -- and we decided to sleep out on the deck.  So Grandpa drug the mattress out and all 4 of us slept out under the stars!  It was a fun night-- but what is a sleep over without a TREAT?  I had seen these made at and thought I would try them. I did a different version than she did-- Much easier than cutting the crackers into circles... and they taste just as good. 
I had the flat square marshmallows- so I just broke the graham crackers apart into squares place them on a cookie sheet, and put one of the marshmallows on each one.  You have to strech them a little to make them fit perfect. Then we put Hersheys kisses, and miniture candy bars on top.  Put them in the oven on broil until the marshmallows start to turn a golden brown.  Then watch them dissapear.