Friday, July 20, 2012

S'mores on a stick

Here's another way to make S'mores!!!  Put them on a stick... these are really easy to do, we made them for Christmas last year too.
All you  need are Graham crackers- the flat marshmallows, sticks, chocolate and some sprinkles.
Break your graham cracker in 1/2 so you have 4 squares on each half. Place a flat marshmallow in between the two graham crackers- cook in the microwave a few seconds to melt the marshmallow, it will hold the stick better.  Insert a stick, the flat ones like popsicle sticks work better. Let them set-up a little before dipping them.  Take each one and dip into melted chocolate, lay on parchment paper & sprinkle with decorating sprinkles.  When dry wrap in clear bags & tie with a cute ribbon!!