Monday, July 23, 2012

How to clean your bathtub!

I can't believe that I'm letting the blogging world see how nasty my bathtub was! But yeah it was pretty gross! I've heard about this magic cleaner a few times and was skeptical to give it a go! I mean I tried everything to get my grippers cleaned on the tub. Apparently I wasn't trying the right cleaner. Here is the before and after!

 This magical cleaner is the most amazing stuff ever! No deep scrubbing! Pretty much just pure amazing!

This is what I did to clean my tub...

1. I took out all of our shampoos and body washes.
2. Turned the shower on to get everything wet
3. Sprinkle a thin layer of the magic cleaner on the wet surfaces.
4. Lightly rubbed in the product with a dish scrubber.
5. Turned on the shower again to rinse
6. Amazing clean shower with no sweat and blood!

Seriously give it a try you'd be amazed by the price of the product and how well it cleans! Click here to get some delivered right to your door! Thank you amazon

UPDATE: They have recently come out with a wet version and I really really like this just as much!


Anonymous said...

Kohler said do not use this as it will dull the finish

Anonymous said...

Look on Pam's site re she interviewed Kohler co. Interesting

Anonymous said...

I use the recommended cleaner called rog3
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Anonymous said...

There is another product called BonAmi which is quite similar, but will not scratch or dull surfaces

Anonymous said...

Barkeeper's is not abrasive and in my opinion does not dull at all. I've had a cleaning business for 20+ years and it is a staple in our supplies.

Stephanie M said...

When you say "dish scrubber" do you mean dish brush?