Friday, July 6, 2012

Chocolate covered Raspberries

Well, here is another post about FOOD!!!  I am starting to wonder if we should change the name of our blog to They are HUNGRY!!!  LOL  It seems like I am always talking about food- or eating, or baking... YES I do love food-- and I am learning that  it doesn't love me as much as it used to-- or at least: gone are the days when I could eat it today & not worry about wearing it tomorrow! haha  But hey as long as I can still fit into my clothes I'm alright--
We have been getting a lot of Raspberries from our garden, so here's what I whipped up the other night for a midnight snack

First wash your Raspberries & put 3-4 of them in your MINI muffin tin.
you can do this with fresh Blueberries too!
then melt some chocolate and put it in a disposable pastry bag- (like I showed you in the dipped strawberries tutorial)
and drizzle the chocolate onto the Raspberries-- no need to be careful--

set them in the fridge for 2-3 minutes to harden the chocolate and you have a WONDERFUL treat.  Put them inside these cute paper liners to serve -- who could resist??   Not me, I ate almost ALL of them.  I took 2  to my husband and he loved them too... then he came in the kitchen 1/2 hr. later and wondered who ate all of them.  I confessed it was me- but I felt so guilty that I said "a muffin pan only makes 12"  What I didn't tell him is you use a MINI pan which holds 24!!!!  So he had 2 I had 22 - Yep just as it should be!!  :)