Monday, July 30, 2012

Back Yard Campout!!

It was our Back Yard Campout this last week-end.  We did it for play day, only EVERYONE was envited.... and YES we had so much FUN!!
Welcome to Camp Hamblin....

The TREAT table

I filled tin buckets with frogs, bears, rocks, sticks, trail mix, popcorn, and licorice.  I picked the buckets up at Target, they have a chalk board square to write on- but I thought tags would be cuter and... you can print them off to use for your campout too

I wrapped the utinsels in camo napkins, covered mason jars with a paper label.. trees for the girls and camo for the boys. Put a fun jar lid & straw in them & you are good to go.

It wouldn't be a campout.... without s'mores and keep scrolling down to find a yummy new twist on the S'mores....

here are the jar drinking glasses... the little boys had a different colored strip of fabric tied around theirs.... the aduts had bigger jars with their inital on them. so they could keep track of their glass

the perfect topper for fishing....  we have the free printable for you too!  don't mind the colors, my printer had about had it & the color was fading-- but the little guys still loved them, they are more concerned about what's inside-- lol

I made a "Welcome to camp" board for the center piece on the table.. it says "Welcome to camp Hamblin"

Hobo sticks with a snack tied up in them for the scavenger hunt
I used to make these for my Boy's-- in fact I remember having them at one of MY Girls camps as a child!  They go way back--

close up of the labels on the cans... I had some other stickers and such in my stash... so I used them too!

trail mix... on these buckets I put a piece of paper behind the tag- it just adds a little bit more color to it!

scavenger hunt cans.  I wrapped a soup can with paper and glued the list onto the can- we left a couple of blank lines so you can fill in with other things you are hunting for!!

we played glow in the dark ring toss...  just put a couple of glowsticks into a bottle of was a fun game, but they ended up carring the bottles around like a lantern all night.

we did cook s'mores on the fire, but these are my new favorite thing to roast.... rolo stuffed marshmallows  oh can you say yummmm?

Jars full of Fire flies, for them to put in the tent for a night light. Just use glow in the dark paint.... 

and hold them up to a flash light... and you have glowing fire flies. when I gave them to them in the tent, they were so excited & asked if they were real-- I said look they are glowing-- one of them replied- hey look they aren't moving!! I said they were tired & it was time for them to go to sleep with the fireflies--  Then I heard one of them whisper-- hey I think they're painted on!! LOL Yep they are getting smarter... but they still played along with Grandma!!

ready for the scavanger hunt... yes they were Happy Campers!!!

enjoying a piece of summer.... watermellon.  I will get the free Campout printables posted as soon as Jamie gets the files to me... she was making a couple of adjustments to them.. LOVE that I can tell her what I want and she does it !! Thanks Jamie.  Hopefully they will be ready for you today sometime!!  Until then get planning a campout at your house too!!  It was a lot of work-- but it was MORE fun!! They grow up too fast love them while you can!!


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Wow! Looks like so much fun!!