Monday, July 9, 2012

Dried Apricots

I am still swimming in Apricots.... so the other night one of my sons friends was here, and I asked him how his Mom dried Apricots- She is famous for her amazing apricots, she dips them into jell-o.  Here's what Max told me to do....

 first wash & split open the apricots, remove the seed

then turn them inside out like this

dip them into any flavor of Jell-o

and layer them on the dehydrator racks. He didn't know exactly how long they took before they were done, so I'm on my own there.  I figure at least 10 hrs. rotate the racks as they start to dry. 
I found it was easier to half & pit a few apricots all at once & then it went faster to flip them inside out & dip them into the Jell-o.  I used cherry, but I really want to try Orange.  :) YUM!