Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to clean your coil stove

So I told you yesterday about the bar keepers friend! I couldn't stop just there! I had to try it on my cracked stained stove! Just look at the difference!

 Have I sold you yet on the product?

I pretty much used the same method as my tub!

1. I took out all of our coils.
2. Sprayed water on the stove in a spray bottle to get everything wet
3. Sprinkled a thin layer of the magic cleaner on the wet surfaces.
4. Lightly rubbed in the product with a dish scrubber.
5. Rinsed the product off
6. Amazing clean stove with no sweat and blood!

Seriously give it a try you'd be amazed by the price of the product and how well it cleans!