Monday, July 2, 2012

Cookie Hamburgers

A few years ago I made some cupcakes for a family reunion and put a mini hamburger on top.  I helped the little boys make some a couple of years ago & found these pictures, so I thought I would share how to make them. is where I found them- they have a lot of ideas for cupcakes.
First you need for each hamburger- 2 Vanilla wafers, 1 grasshopper chocolate cookie, sesame seeds, green tinted coconut, red & yellow frosting- or chocolate.

 you can't really see the bottom vanilla wafer in this picture- but put one vanilla waffer(Bun) down & place the grasshopper cookie (hamburger pattie) on top. Add some green tinted coconut ( do this by placing some coconut in a baggie add a few drops of food color & shake) on the pattie- I also let the little boys roll out a green gum drop flat and used it for a pickle, then either use red & yellow frosting (ketchup- mustard) or melt some red & yellow chocolate melts-- drizzle the colors on the hamburger & brush the top of the other vanilla waffer with water & sprinkle with sesame seeds.  Put them together & you've got a cute little cookie hamburger.

          FUN to make and fun to eat!!  Just ask these 3 little boys.