Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fall Bridal Shower for Megan

I know it's only July, but I have been trying to get my house organized a little more- and I came across these pictures of the Bridal Shower I had for my youngest sons wife Megan-- 2 years ago!!! Oh how time flies by.
I made glitter pumpkins, oh how I LOVE them-- almost as much as I love JARS.  Really I think I made 30 of them, but they have been used over the last 3 years by MANY people for MANY parties... so it was justified. LOL :)

we just had a buffet style set-up with soups, breadsticks and treats!!

see these are the glitter pumpkins-- aren't lovely!!  I first started glittering REAL pumpkins for a service project while I was the Young Womens President in my ward.  The girls loved to make them & deliver them to people in rest homes. But I decided to use fake ones, and then I could re-use them .... you can use really cheap ugly ones, because you can't tell what they looked like when you're finished.   

for the favor, I just had 3 large jars full of: Muddy Buddys, chex mix, and a mix of peanuts & candy corn. (it tastes like a salted nut roll)  for the guest to fill up bags with to take home 

this was the tag we made up for the treat table.....

each jar had ribbon & a tag attached so they would know what was in each one

pumpkins were all over the house... I had them displayed really cute on my mantel-- but I must not have taken a picture of it.   They are very easy to make-- just add a bit of water to elmers glue- to thin it out a little, and brush it onto the pumpkin. It's best to just do 1/2 of the pumpkin at a time and then sprinkle glitter all over the glue,  paint the stem & embellish with ribbon and leaves.   I might have to do a tutorial one day next week..  Now is a good time to get planning for those fall parties or decorating!!