Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Girl Shower

I had such a fun time last night and today getting ready for this darling Baby Girl shower for one of my friend's step daughters!!  See for was a success... the Mom to be was so excited-- she is darling & my friends home was the perfect place to host such a fun, exciting, happy time!!!!

 You know how I LOVE chocolate dipped oreo's.... you can never have too many of those yummy things

 I am so hooked on the glass jars to display the vegetables in.....

 as I said you can never have too many oreo's-- I like to have them on a platter to eat while the party's going on... the other ones were wrapped in little plastic bags, so they can be taken home to enjoy for a midnight snack... or eaten on the way home if you're like me & have no will power... Love these plates we found at TJ Max!!! the ribbon makes them so darn cute......
 And here is the darling Mom to be.... enjoying the spread... she is going to be a cute Mom!!!

 Raspberry filled cupcakes with WONDERFUL butter cream frosting.. with vanilla & almond extracts!!
 I decided to make the "bubble bath" punch PINK instead of blue.... so cute & tasty too....

 lot's of yummy food, the chicken salad was to die for--- don't think I'm ready to share that secret recipe yet.... I'm going to indulge it a few more times & try it on a few more people first..... then MAYBE I will let the recipe out of the bag, you're just going to have to believe me when I say it is good & healthy... no mayonaise here!!

 The banner Jamie made was so cute... Baby Pearl... how darling is that name???  I think we will have to start a little shop here on the blog... showing all the cute things Jamie can make...she is amazing!!! and makes me look so good!!

Oh the strawberrys were lovely... costco came through again!!!  They are so good with the pineapple recipe I have already posted on the blog... look it up & try it ..   such a fun day... and now I'm on my way out the door to go to my little Grandson's 4th Birthday party!!!  YES our life is one big party after another!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Could I get a recipe for this cute punch?