Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spray Painting

I have been spray painting & I can't stop!!! Really I have been on a spray paint binge lately. Maybe it's because I bought some to spray the jars we did a awhile ago, and then because I had paint left over- I just started looking around to see what else I could do.. and I found a couple of things around the house that needed a face lift.

the first thing I found was the toilet paper stand in the bathroom off of the laundry room downstairs. It looked so gross, there were water spots all over & it had started to rust- I couldn't get it clean... so I was going to DI it but then I thought - Hey I'll try painting it

and look how great it turned out!! I love this spray paint I've been using. It's the Rust-oleum brand, the one with the hammered finish. You can buy it anywhere they sell spray paint.

Heres the finished project!! I thought it turned out pretty good, and I didn't have to buy another one- so that's always a good thing.

The next things I found were the heat vents.. really have you ever priced a heat vent?? They are so expensive, and I needed to replace quite a few of them... after 20 years they had started to look really bad. So I gave them a good coat of paint and........

They look like brand new ones!! They were easy & dried within an hour. So before you go buy new ones.. check out the spray paint isle.