Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Donut Bunny Pops

Have you seen the Bunny pops made with mini powdered donuts? I saw some at To make them: first you need to take 2 of the flat marshmallows- (You can find them at Walmart) lay them down, and using a bunnie cookie cutter- cut just the ears out of the marshmallow as shown in this picture.

I did mine a little different- I melted white chocolate in a disposible decorating bag, then I piped a little down the center of the ears & used colored sugar sprinkles on top to make it look like a bunny ear. Then cut a toothpick in half & insert in each ear...

Put a stick into the donut- I used striped straws because I thought they looked cute. Poke the ears into the top of the donut, attach a jelly bean with the melted white chocolate, you can put eyes on them or leave them with-out. Tie a bow onto it, and you have a Donut Bunny Pop!!

I made pink, green and yellow ones... they are very cute & very easy to make. Happy Easter!!